Valmet Concentration Measurement (3300-series)

Valmet inline concentrator measurement

Valmet Concentration Measurement's typical applications are in the chemical industry. The broad selection of concentration recipes readily available in the transmitter allows the user to analyze the concentration of strong acids as well as bases and salts. All of the concentration recipes are based on actual experimental measurements and peer-reviewed values reported in scientific papers for concentration.

Accurate direct in-line concentration measurement


Valmet Concentration Measurement transmitters and sensors are designed for an industrial environment. All sensors are constructed from high-quality materials with a unique design for chemical corrosion resistance. The sensors are durable against the most demanding acids, like hydrofluoric acid and oleum, and highly resistant to temperature changes. The handmade sensors are pressure and temperature tested. Calibration is done after the production phase, and there is no need for additional calibration or adjustments on the customer site. The measurement has a long life-time of an expected 10 years or more even in most demanding applications. 

The contact type 4-electrode measurement offers fast response time and accurate reading. The Valmet Concentration Measurement has pre-programmed recipes for acids, bases, and salts. It is easy to install and operate, and there is no need for user configuration or adjusting the recipe performance. Valmet offers application consulting to find the best available solution. 

Transmitters and sensors

  • Concentration transmitter (3300-series) compatible with Valmet Conductivity sensors (4100-, 4200- and 4300-series)
  • Sensor for strong acids with tantalum (4336, 4338) or platinum (4337, 4339) electrodes
  • Bases and salts mainly measured with Industrial Sensors (4200-series)
  • Valmet Portable Conductivity measurement (3000-series) for field and laboratory testing. Both conductivity and concentration measurement options are covered.


  • Oleum (SO3) concentration measurements


Sachtleben Pigments relies on Kemotron technology

Sachtleben Pigments Oy has relied on the Kemotron technology since the mid-1990s.

Valmet Concentration Measurement 3300 at Zhejiang Juhua Group

Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is one subsidiary company of Zhejiang Juhua Group. It is among the biggest fluorochemical industrial base in China and relies on Valmet Concentration Measurement 3300 for measuring hydrofluoric acid concentration.