Inline concentration measurement

Valmet inline concentrator measurement

Maintenance free in-line concentration analyzer for corrosive liquids

Accurate direct in-line concentration measurement


  • Transmitter and sensor are designed for industrial environment
  • We use high quality materials for sensors
    • Minimum maintenance is needed
    • Electrodes are corrosion resistant
    • Sensors are highly resistant to temperature changes
  • Contact type measurement offers fast response time and accurate reading
  • 22 pre-programmed recipes for acid and lye
    • Easy to install and operate; ready to use upon installation
    • We offer application consulting
  • Long life time, expected 10 years even in most demanding applications

Sensors and measurements

  • 4330 Sensor for strong acids
  • 3000 Valmet Portable Conductivity measurement


Common use cases:

  • Oleum (SO3) concentration measurements


Sachtleben Pigments relies on Kemotron technology

Sachtleben Pigments Oy has relied on the Kemotron technology since the mid-1990s.

Valmet Concentration Measurement 3300 at Zhejiang Juhua Group

Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is one subsidiary company of Zhejiang Juhua Group. It is among the biggest fluorochemical industrial base in China. It is located in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, where 60% of the country’s fluorite natural resources exist. Depending on the fluorite natural resources advantage, it occupies an important position in China’s fluorochemical industry. The major product of Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is anhydrous hydrogen fluoride for industrial use (AHF). The final hydrofluoric acid concentration is 99.99%. AHF is the major and most important chemical material for downstream chemical production, for example in teflon (PTFE) production, and freon refrigerant production.