Customer case:

Valmet Concentration Measurement improves HCl acid production

Feb 9, 2016

Chemours Company FC, LLC (formerly DuPont Washington Works) in West Virginia relies on Valmet Concentration Measurements for accurate Hydrochloric acid measurement in their Fluoropolymer Cooler Absorber Process. Fluoropolymers are used in production of Teflon® Fluoroplastic products like industrial cabling, pharmaceuticals, and semi-conductor materials.


Location Washington, West Virginia, US
Challenge Accurate measurement needed for difficult conditions. Hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive and coating and wearing issues with the Coriolis meter had necessitated preventative maintenance inspections every six months, with replacement necessary every 2 to 3 years. 
Solution Valmet Concentration Measurement

The Valmet Concentration Measurement accurately measures the final HCl Concentration at 35% to accurately control the added amount of residual HCl acid. This feedback control scheme allows for more precise control of the final HCl acid product where quality is essential since the final product is a technical grade acid.

Expectations since the first startup in 2010 were obviously met with the later installation of a second Concentration Measurement for Cooler Absorber #1 in April 2013. Both are now so indispensable to HCl production that Chemours subsequently purchased a third unit to keep in reserve.

With the Valmet Concentration Measurement, the inspection requirement has been reduced to every 2 years, leading to maintenance and meter replacement savings.

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