Dual sensor conductivity meter for demanding applications

Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement 3200

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High measurement resolution, long cables, two sensors per transmitter – if you need any one or all three, the Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement 3200 is the ideal choice.

Excellent flexibility with a range of easy setup options for low lifetime costs.

Advanced error reduction technology enables the measurement of the highest purity water.

Sanitary sensors for high purity water applications in food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Dual conductivity meter

Cut costs over the lifetime of the sensor

Excellent flexibility with a range of easy setup options makes Valmet Dual Conductivity 3200 a real cost-cutting solution.  In large sampling stations, for example, you can use more sensors with fewer parallel transmitters. Cation exchanger applications also benefit from the advanced, high accuracy capabilities of the dual conductivity meter.

The dual channel meter features cable compensation, scaling compensation, as well as temperature compensation. Even measuring the highest purity water below 1µS/cm is supported thanks to advanced error reduction technology. Our sensor range supports applications with up to 50 bar and 250 °C.

Dual conductivity sensor for nuclear power plants

Sensors for hazardous reactor island conditions

The Dual Conductivity 3200 is ideally suited for the reactor island of nuclear power plants. Our specially design 4700 series conductivity sensors are resistant to radiation up to 1.00E +05 Gy and are currently certified for use in nuclear reactors in Sweden.

Thanks to the incorporated cable compensation, the transmitter can be installed behind radiation shields for safe operation. The long lifetime and low maintenance of our conductivity meters also further contribute to the health and safety of plant operators.

Nuclear power plants have number of special requirements for equipment testing. Valmet offers services that include conducting the required tests in our own production facilities.

Dual conductivity sensor for sanitary applications

High accuracy for sanity applications

Our 4600 series sanitary sensors for the Valmet dual Conductivity 3200 are designed for high purity water applications in food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Select sensors fulfill EHEDG requirements for material, surface roughness, and steam cleaning.

Valmet sanitary sensors are EHEDG Type EL Class 1 certified. In addition, all wetted surfaces fulfill the hygienic requirement for surface roughness (Ra ˂ 0.8 µm). Metal parts are made from high-grade AISI316L stainless steel, and plastic (Teflon) components fulfill both EU and FDA requirements for materials used in contact with food.

Typical applications for Valmet 4600 series sanity sensors include Cleaning in place (CIP) control, Steaming in place (SIP) control, Ultrapure water (UPW) measurements and Water for injection (WFI) measurements.


Key features


  • Connect two sensors to one transmitter
  • Cable compensation for sensor cables up to 50 m
  • Two 4-20 mA current outputs per sensor for conductivity and temperature
  • 4 setup modes, each with 13 temperature compensation settings
  • Scaling compensation using 4-electrode sensor technology
  • Easy sensor calibration from the transmitter keypad
  • Compatible with older Kemotron 9100 and 9200 sensors
  • Mounting options for wall, panel or pipe
  • Power supply 90-260 VAC (line) or 24 V
  • HART® protocol included as standard (excl. older nuclear power plant models)
  • EHEDG certificate
  • 3.1 material certificate
  • Calibration certificate for conductivity
  • Calibration certificate for temperature
  • Certificate for surface roughness


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