Customer case:

Reliable conductivity measurements at Fortum Hässelby

Fortum is a North European Power Company that focuses on CO2 free and efficient electricity and heat production. Fortum Hässelby is a heat and power plant which produces district heating and electricity to approximately 60,000 households. Nearly all the fuel which the plant uses comes from renewable sources. Hässelby has been using Kemotron since 1971 and are happy with the performance and long lifetime of Valmet Conductivity products.

Location Stockholm, Sweden
Customer challenge Need for a two channel conductivity measurement solution for acidic conductivity measurements.
Solution Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement 

Reliable and maintenance free conductivity measurement solution for ion exchanger application.

Valmet Dual conductivity measurement is used to detect corrosion causing ions in the water. Large contamination is detected immediately by CT 1.

Small leak can be detected by measuring conductivity after cation exchange column, when interfering alkalinity is taken out.

Keywords Energy, Automation, Improvements, Europe

Valmet Conductivity Measurement (3100-series)

Valmet offers accurate and durable in-line conductivity measurements. Valmet's conductivity meters are based on 4-electrode technology developed by Kemotron A/S in the 1960s. Thanks to unique sensor head design they are resistant to scaling, which means superior accuracy with minimum maintenance. The cell constant is stored in the conductivity meter, which is recognized automatically by the transmitter.