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Valmet Concentration Measurement 3300 at Zhejiang Juhua Group

Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is one subsidiary company of Zhejiang Juhua Group. It is among the biggest fluorochemical industrial base in China. It is located in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, where 60% of the country’s fluorite natural resources exist. Depending on the fluorite natural resources advantage, it occupies an important position in China’s fluorochemical industry. The major product of Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is anhydrous hydrogen fluoride for industrial use (AHF). The final hydrofluoric acid concentration is 99.99%. AHF is the major and most important chemical material for downstream chemical production, for example in teflon (PTFE) production, and freon refrigerant production.

In the early 1990s, we started to utilize Metso* Concentration Measurement 3300 to measure hydrofluoric acid concentration. Up to now, we have installed over 10 sets in different measurement points in our plant. We’re satisfied with the measurement. It is an accurate, low maintenance, long life measurement. The final AHF product quality is also good and stable. For the next extension project, Concentration Measurement 3300 is our first choice."
Youjian Lou, power and instrumentation director
Location Quzhou, Zhejiang Province
Customer challenge Because of the strong corrosion, the concentration measurement of hydrofluoric acid is very difficult in the
fluorochemical industry. There has not been a sufficiently accurate and stable measurement instrumentation available in the market.
Solution Valmet Concentration Measurement 3300; an accurate, stable and safe solution for hydrofluoric acid concentration measurement. 
Results By the conductivity measurement and application software calculation in TCU, it is now possible to get the hydrofluoric acid concentration. The final AHF product quality is also good and stable.
Keywords Chemical Industry, China, Improvements

* Process Automation Systems were a part of Metso until April 1, 2015

Inline concentration measurements

Maintenance-free in-line concentration measurement for corrosive liquids in the chemical industry, mainly covering strong acids as well as bases and salts.