Transparency for water treatment

Valmet Scrubber Water Treatment System Control and Monitoring

Valmet’s solution enables the operator to monitor the water treatment system from the engine control room or a local control panel.

Reliable operation

Easily available data

Chemical consumption follow-up

Extensive history data

Through the automation system, an efficient history data collection helps the operator optimize the filtration process. A clear user interface further supports the operator’s work.

Valmet Water Treatment System in marine application

Compared to conventional water treatment units, Valmet Ultrafilter CR is reliable and easy to use. The main advantages of Valmet Ultrafilter CR are reliability, full automation and low day-to-day maintenance. Our systems have been in operation since February 2019.”
Kostas Pechlivanidis, Chief Engineer, Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Edge     

The system is working in automatic mode without any issues. We like the fact that the effluent discharge is coming out very clean and without any heavy particles. Additionally, we like that the effluent is recirculated back into the system. At Mein Schiff 1, Valmet Ultrafilter CR has been in use for approximately two years.”     

Konstantinos Stathakis, Chief Engineer,  Mein Schiff 1

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