Valmet's marine scrubbers, high-quality technology solutions

SOx scrubbing is an attractive way to meet the regulations of the International Maritime Organization and minimize the operational costs of ships. Valmet has developed a scrubber technology with unique features to enable a more sustainable operating environment for the shipping industry. The solution is patented by Valmet.

The first supplier of hybrid operation

The scrubber system should be selected based primarily on the operating profile of the vessel. The two basic types of exhaust gas scrubbers are an open-loop scrubber that uses seawater as wash water or a closed-loop scrubber that circulates the wash water and requires alkali to be added to the process to capture sulfur. The hybrid scrubber is a new-generation solution that can easily switch between the open- and closed-loop operation modes. Valmet was the first company to introduce a hybrid solution to the market.


Solid experience in developing scrubbers


We have been developing scrubbers since the 1970s and have delivered more than 300 scrubbers onshore and offshore. Don’t you think that your vessel requires a process system that utilizes proven technology and features? During our history, we have studied and developed the most robust and efficient features on our scrubber system.

We know the materials needed for use in a harsh marine environment. In addition, our core knowledge is to design the scrubber process and further optimize it with our Valmet DNA automation system. Our primary target is to let your crew focus on their core tasks while the scrubber operates independently. We have 13,000 professionals working around the world. So, we can ensure that our experienced resources are at your service wherever and whenever you need them.


Design, materials and simulations

It’s not only our long history and proven solutions in the field but also our simulations and lab tests that help us develop high-quality technology solutions for our customers. Our R&D facilities for scrubber systems and water treatment units provide testing support before customer use when developing something new. 



Layout solutions

We aim to ensure a flexible project for you. That’s why we’re happy to discuss the most optimal layout for your vessel. Thanks to our history, we know how to design the optimal layout for different vessels.


Valmet Industrial Internet - VII


The Valmet Industrial Internet is ready for service at sea. This allows us to bring our process know-how on board remotely wherever and whenever needed.


Valmet DNA 


Our Marine Automation has more than 35 years of history and expertise regarding automation for the entire vessel as well as scrubber automation. The main target for our Valmet DNA automation is to operate independently in the background. For crewmembers, we have a wide variety of tools for reporting and following up trends. To review any parameters, our user interface is comprehensive and user friendly.

Reporting to authorities is easy due to ready-made templates for emissions. Independent scrubber automation adjusts the system to use just right amount of wash water and alkali, if necessary. There is no need for you to look after the parameters. Instead, you can be certain the process is running at an optimum level at all times.



Scrubber system operating adjustments

The Valmet user interface adjusts the scrubber system operating parameters independently while the vessel’s crew focuses on other tasks.




Reporting tools

Operating data is stored in the server and modern reporting tools make regulatory reporting easy.


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