Valmet Marine SOx Scrubber

Scrubber technology for sustainable shipping


Valmet’s marine scrubber is designed to reduce sulphur emissions from exhaust gas by using a washing process. The solution fulfills the requirements of the International Maritime Organization’s MARPOL Annex VI SOx regulations and is certified according to the IMO MEPC.259(68) resolution. The scrubber system can be adapted to newbuild and retrofit installations.

Customized design to ensure the most optimal concept for each vessel

Minimized operational costs with an optimized process for different load levels

No additive chemicals used in closed-loop washwater treatment

Design, materials and simulations

It’s not only our history and proven solutions in the field but also our simulations and lab tests that help us develop high-quality technology for our customers. Our R&D facilities for scrubber systems and water treatment units provide testing support before customer use with everything new we develop.

Layout solutions

We aim for an optimal system layout for your vessel. To accomplish this, we make sure each project has the necessary flexibility built in from the start. Thanks to our solid experience in the field, we know how to design a solution based on the needs of your particular vessel.

Valmet Marine Emission Control - SOx scrubber

Valmet DNA for scrubber automation

The Valmet DNA automation system for marine covers the entire vessel, including scrubber operation. Independent scrubber automation adjusts the system’s use of the exact amount of washwater and alkali, if necessary. Operators do not need to track the parameters. The process will run at optimum levels at all times.

Valmet DNA operates independently and seamlessly in the background. For crewmembers, it offers a wide variety of tools for reporting and following trends. Reporting to authorities is easy with ready-made emission reporting templates. Plus, the user interface is comprehensive and user friendly, making it easy to review parameters at any time.

The Valmet user interface independently adjusts the scrubber system parameters, while the vessel’s crew focuses on other tasks.

Would you like to find out more about Valmet’s Marine SOx Scrubber?

Would you like to find out more about Valmet’s Marine SOx Scrubber?

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