Water treatment

Valmet has introduced advanced water treatment technologies for its marine scrubber system and exhaust gas recirculation system. By enhancing emission control with its patented and fully automatic water treatment system, Valmet is taking a big step forward.

Proven in-house technology

Valmet’s expertise from land-based industries and decades of development work has led us to these innovative solutions for the marine industry. The heart of the Valmet Marine Water Treatment Unit is the Valmet Ultrafilter CR, which originates from Valmet’s Paper business line, where it was used to treat industrial process water. Today, it has been redesigned for marine applications. Our target is to support marine customers in the most sustainable way.


Proven technology Marine.jpg


  • Experience in scrubber technologies and industrial water treatment technologies 
  • Reliable and stable water treatment performance 


Enhanced cross-flow membrane filtration

The Valmet Marine Water Treatment Unit is based on enhanced dynamic cross-flow membrane filtration using rotors. These rotors prevent particles from penetrating membrane pores and clogging the membranes. This keeps the filter clean, eliminating the need for any chemicals in daily operation. The only chemical used is detergent for weekly membrane cleaning.


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  • The rotors prevent particles from clogging the membranes
  • Mimimum chemical consumption saves costs


Low sludge production

The sludge production rate is optimized and continuously adjusted based on engine load. Typically, only 3 liters per MWh of pumpable sludge is produced.


Low sludge production Marine.jpg


  • Smaller sludge tank size on board handles the lower volumes of sludge produced
  • Significant savings in bunkering costs


Minimum water treatment system downtime

The Valmet Marine Water Treatment Unit can withstand very high total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations. This means the system can treat a high solid feed rate without the risk of membrane clogging.


Minimum downtime Marine.jpg


  • Keep the scrubber process water clean and improves scrubber cleanliness
  • Continuous and stable water treatment capacity ensures high system availability
  • Best-in-class performance with high reliability


Compact industrial design 

The Valmet Marine Water Treatment system is a one-step solution consisting of four modules: the feed module, filter module, permeate module and CIP module. These four modules can be placed according to the actual available, and often limited, space on board.


Design Marine.jpg


  • Compact industrial design saves space on board
  • The four-module solution provides layout flexibility


Fully automatic process

The Valmet DNA automation system can handle process phases independently – without any input required from the operator. The operator can easily access all the operation data by using intelligent history trends and time-lapse tools.


Fully automatic process Marine.jpg


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Excellent water treatment process optimization
  • User-friendly troubleshooting functions available


Global service available

Valmet’s global field service network offers maintenance and system tuning support. Valmet Performance Center connects you with Valmet’s experts and provides remote monitoring and efficient support for operational issues or troubleshooting.


Global service Marine.jpg


  • One-stop shop for marine services
  • Spare parts, service calls, planned maintenance or life-cycle approach available


A new stage of intelligence 

Valmet offers its Industrial Internet services to further assist you with daily system operation. Membrane lifetime and system operation load can be monitored continuously.


New stage of intelligence Marine.jpg


  • Continuous performance optimization saves operational costs
  • Further increased system reliability via early system condition prediction



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Customer statements 

"Compared to the water treatment units, Valmet Ultrafilter CR is quite reliable and easy to use. The main advantages of Valmet Ultrafilter CR are reliability, full automation and low day-to-day maintenance. Our systems have been in operation since February 2019."

Kostas Pechlivanidis, Chief Engineer, Celebrity Cruises / Celebrity Edge



"Valmet Ultrafilter CR is a much better system compared to the previous one used in our applications. Valmet Ultrafilter CR is quite an easy system to use and doesn’t require much attention and maintenance. With proper maintenance and timely chemical wash, it can be used for long periods of time. For us, it has been in use for more than one year."

Kostas Kallinikos, Chief Engineer, Mein Schiff 2



"The system is working in automatic mode without any issues. We like the fact that the effluent discharge is coming out very clean and without any heavy particles. Additionally, we like that the effluent is recirculated back into the system. At Mein Schiff 1, Valmet Ultrafilter CR has been in use for approximately two years."

Konstantinos Stathakis, Chief Engineer, Mein Schiff 1



Valmet Marine Water Treatment system ensures continuous high treatment capacity. 


Eager to discuss the topic further with us?

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