Better awareness with accurate scrubber control and monitoring

Open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid SOx scrubber control and monitoring

The control and monitoring of SOx scrubbers can easily be connected to the main automation system of the vessel, Valmet DNA. System integration means a common user interface, making the operator’s work quicker and easier.


Reliable information

Cost savings

Scrubber information easily available

Built on the Valmet DNA platform, a single automated scrubber control and monitoring system connects all scrubber-related data into one system.

The scrubber control system is operated via user interface displays. Displays can be installed where needed, for example, in the engine control room or in the casing near the scrubber towers.

Information based on regulations

Valmet’s scrubber control system facilitates reporting for regulatory purposes. For MEPC 259(68) Scheme B, exhaust gas and discharge water are continuously monitored with a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) to confirm compliance with regulations.

The combination of the scrubber and automation makes my work easier. Emissions are easily visible on the Valmet DNA screens. And they are clearly below the limits."

Javier Cabellero
, 2nd Engineer, Quantum of the Seas

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Would you like to get more information about our scrubber applications?

Would you like to get more information about our scrubber applications?

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