Flow control for swing adsorption

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Swing adsorption processes are used to separate or purify gases to produce industrial applicable products. Swing adsorption, whether it be pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or vacuum swing adsorption (VSA), is at the profit center for Industrial Gas manufacturers. The longer and more efficiently this process runs the more productive and profitable the plant will be. Interruptions in the supply of gases like hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen are unacceptable to you, your customers, and to us.




Swing adsorption process flow

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA):

  • Fast stroking
  • Reliable tight shutoff
  • High differential pressure
  • Hundreds thousands of cycles per year

Vacuum (Pressure) Swing Adsorption (VSA/VPSA):

  • Fast stroking
  • Large valve diameter
  • Reliable tight shutoff
  • Million of cycles per year

Reliable valves and services for swing adsorption

To keep swing adsorption processes running valves must reliably overcome a number of application challenges and process stresses. And, while valves look similar from the outside, few will provide the tight bi-directional shutoff and fast stroking speeds needed for over 1 million of cycles.

Switching between adsorption and desorption demands that valves cycle 2-4 times per minute at a stroking speed of less than 1 second.  Given uptime requirements it is common that valves will cycle over 1 million times per year and need to operate reliably between scheduled maintenance intervals. This means valves must be extremely reliable for upwards of 1 million cycles and overcome stress and wear on the valve and actuator. Premature valve wear or loss of actuator torque will cause either a loss of output purity, or worse, an unscheduled maintenance shutdown or hazardous safety conditions.

The differential pressure of this process present another set of challenges. Valves must have tight bi-directional shutoff to prevent leakages that could negatively impact end-product purity. Purity could also suffer as result of inaccurate valve positioners. Either way, despite all the stresses swing adsorption process valves and actuators must operate reliably for over 1 million cycles – no easy task.

Our high-cycle valves and actuators stand the test of time

We have partnered with some of the largest Industrial Gas manufacturers in the world to collaborate in tackling the challenges of swing adsorption, whether it be pressure swing or vacuum swing. The result of our time in the field collaborating with system developers and processors is a comprehensive offering of products and services to help you outperform and achieve long-term growth objectives.

High-cycle valves and actuators from Valmet are proven to help extend the uptime of swing adsorption units. Thanks to our extensive R&D and relationships with processors, we have been able to develop various technologies that allow valves and actuators to operate reliably for over 1 million cycles and counting. Our smart positioners and controllers allow you to meticulously track and optimize process configurations increasing purity and yield.

Long-term reliability

With Valmet, you’ll get more than ultra-reliable products. You will get a total solutions provider that will give you a competitive advantage in process reliability, accuracy, efficiency and uptime.

  • Increase operational uptime and profits
  • Achieve purity and yield targets
  • Process insights and maintenance cost reduction
  • Improved safety and reduced environmental concern
  • 24/7 global field support
  • Experienced sales and service representative make sure you get the best product and keep it running

High-performance portfolio

We offer a unique portfolio of high-cycling butterfly valves from the Neles and Jamesbury brands. Our valve assemblies have been developed to perform millions of cycles with reliable tight shutoff. With our unique smart products and embedded diagnostics capabilities, reliability can be improved even further. They allow us to monitor valve conditions. Neles valves are installed in major PSA and VSA plants all around the world. Our valves, actuators and controllers are specifically designed for high cycling swing adsorption plants, featuring fast stroking times, repeatability of operations and high cycle capability combined with long-lasting tightness.

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