Wanda PM 1 kraft linerboard machine delivered by Valmet-Xian up and running in Jiangsu

Published Dec 21, 2004 11.00.00 +2 GMT 

The Wanda PM 1 kraft linerboard machine, ordered by Shenzhen Wanda Color Printing and Packing Co., Ltd. and delivered by Valmet-Xian Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., has successfully come on stream in Jiangsu on 1st October, 2004. The medium-sized kraft linerboard paper machine wholly manufactured by Valmet-Xian has a maximum operating speed of 520 m/min, and is currently running at 450 m/min. It has a wire width of 4,950 mm and its basis weight ranges between 125 – 280 gsm. The daily production rate is 415 tonnes.

The delivery scope consisted of three SymFlo headboxes, forming section, press section with two LNP presses, dryer section and reel. In addition to the machine, Valmet-Xian delivered baseplates, mechanical drives, closed hood, runnability components and machine automation as well as lubrication and hydraulic systems. The customer is very satisfied with the performance of the production line.

Wanda Co., Ltd. specializes in colour printing and packing, and has two production locations. One is located in Shenzhen and the other one in Jiangsu. Company headquarters, Tong TAT Paper Investment (China) Co. Ltd., are in Hongkong.

Valmet-Xian Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Metso Paper, Inc. The company, specialising in paper and board machines, started its operations in 1989 and employs 1100 persons.

More information: Pentti Holopainen, Managing Director Tel. +86 29 84363324, pentti.holopainen@metso.com