UPM-Kymmene Rauma PM 4 sets new LWC world speed record

Published Jun 25, 2002 08.02.00 +2 GMT

The Metso Paper supplied PM 4 at UPM-Kymmene in Rauma, Finland, has set a new world speed record for LWC paper machines. The paper machine ran at 1830 m/min (110 km/h, 6,000 fpm) for 24 hours on 14 June, producing 57 g/m2 offset paper.

Rauma PM 4 was started up in January 1998, and it is currently the most efficient paper producer. The machine has a wire width of 10,100 mm and a design speed of 1800 m/min.

Rauma PM 4 is the second fastest of all paper machines in the world. Number one is Norske Skog's Golbey PM 2 newsprint machine with the speed of 1902 m/min.

The second and third fastest LWC paper machines are also supplied by Metso Paper. The second is PM 3 of Haindl Papier GmbH of Augsburg, Germany, with the speed of 1753 m/min. The third place goes to PM 9 of Cartiere Burgo spa, Verzuolo, Italy, with the speed of 1691 m/min.

More information: Mr Erkki Helin, Vice President, Metso Paper, tel. + 358 40 544 4173.