Shinmoorim Paper starts up the 2000th OptiFiner

Published Sept 20, 2004 11.00.00 +2 GMT

Shinmoorim Paper Co. Ltd.'s Jinju Mill in Korea started up the 2000th OptiFiner low-consistency refiner manufactured by Metso Paper. The milestone OptiFiner RF-3 refiner was included in a delivery of two refiners that will increase production capacity of the Jinju Mill's PM 2.

Shinmoorim Paper operates 18 OptiFiners

Shinmoorim Paper is a division of the Moorim Group, a leading paper manufacturer in Korea. The Jinju Mill has three paper machines producing coated and uncoated wood-free papers in the basis weight range of 50 to 280 g/m2. The paper is marketed under the Neo brand name.

"We needed the new refiners to raise PM 2's production capacity. With our long experience of Metso's refiners, the OptiFiners were a natural choice," says Vice President Kim Suk-Man.

Stock preparation Manager Lee Chang-Won adds: "There are now 18 OptiFiners at the Jinju Mill. We are very satisfied with their performance. They are easy to control, very reliable and produce good pulp."

From Conflo to OptiFiner

The first conical OptiFiner (originally named Conflo) was delivered in 1983. Since then delivery volumes have increased to approximately 150 units per year to paper mills all over the world.

Currently, there are six OptiFiner models available, with capacities ranging from 50 up to 800 tons per day and powered by motors ranging from 90 to 2600 kW (120 to 3500 hp). All models are designed for operation at 2-6% consistency.

OptiFiners are known for their precise gap clearance control and wide selection of filling patterns to meet the requirements for all refining applications. The OptiFiner refiners' basic design features are also applied in Metso Paper's dispergers and deflakers, which are marketed under the same OptiFiner brand.

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