Papierfabrik Palm starts up world's biggest testliner and corrugating medium machine, supplied by Metso Paper

Published Oct 04, 2002 13.57.00 +2 GMT

The new Valmet OptiConcept testliner and corrugating medium machine, PM 6, was successfully started up at Papierfabrik Palm in W├Ârth, Germany at a world record speed of 1000 m/min on Thursday October 3, 2002. This machine sets completely new standards in the manufacturing of testliner and corrugating medium. Special attention has been paid to the environment protection like water treatment and sound attenuation.

The new giant PM 6 with a wire width of 11,000 mm and a design speed of 1800 m/min has an annual production of 600,000 t based on 100 % recycled OCC.

Today corrugating machines have a standard width of 2.5 m, but new types are developed with a width of 3.3 m. These widths were also one of the reasons why the PM 6 has a trim width of 10,000 mm.

The OptiFormer forming section for board machines differ from conventional testliner machines as it has two gap formers, both with their own headboxes. One of the formers has a double layer OptiFlo dilution controlled headbox and the other one a single layer OptiFlo.

A new feature is also the three deaeration units in each stock preparation for the headboxes, which is a rare solution in this type of machines. In this way three different stock elements can be fed to the PM 6.

The press section is an OptiPress with four felts which gives a very high dry content after the press section, another important feature of the press section is it's ability to eliminate two-sidedness.

The first dryer section is a SymRun, which is followed by an OptiSizer film press for surface sizing with two compact OptiDoser machine circulations. This is a new and rare solution in packaging grades, but absolutely essential at high speeds.

The TurnDry dryer, which has been extensively used in printing paper machines, together with the air dryers are a first in a testliner/fluting machine. This solution will guarantee a stable web run. For curl prevention of the web there is two-wire drying after the air dryers. The OptiReel Plus with a completely automatic reel change allows parent reels with a diameter of 4.2 m and a max. weight of 140 t.

The new line also has 2 WinBelt winders, which are followed by an automatic roll handling system. This system handles the ready customer rolls very gently so that the customers can be guaranteed flawless high-quality rolls.