Metso-supplied cartonboard line starts up at Shandong IP & Sun Food Packaging in China

Published 11/26/2012, 12:00 PM EET

The Metso-supplied complete cartonboard production line, PM 26, for Shandong IP & Sun Food Packaging Co. Ltd., successfully came on stream on September 19, 2012 in Yanzhou City, Shandong Province in China. The grade produced during the start-up was base paper for 300-g/m2 folding boxboard. Coated A grade was achieved in less than a week’s time from the start-up. In three weeks’ time from the start-up the machine exceeded the dimensioning capacity over a period of 24 h. In five weeks, another milestone, speed over design speed for 24 h, was reached.

The new 6.85-m-wide (wire) PM 26 has an annual production capacity of approximately 550,000 tonnes of folding boxboard and art board grades in the basis weight range of 170 to 350 g/m2. The design speed is 950 m/min.

Metso’s delivery included a complete coated board making line from three headboxes to reel with stock preparation and approach flow systems, air systems, a coating color preparation system and two winders. A comprehensive Metso automation package comprised process, machine and quality controls.

Shandong IP & Sun Food Packaging Co. Ltd. is part of a joint venture established by International Paper and Sun Paper Group in 2006. The joint venture includes International Paper & Sun Cartonboard Co., Ltd., Shandong International Paper & Sun Coated Paperboard Co., Ltd., Shandong IP & Sun Packaging Co., Ltd. and International Paper & Sun (Hong Kong) Trading Lirnited. Today the company operates a total of four paper machines supplied by Metso (PM 17, PM 18, PM 22, PM 26). Net sales in 2011 were about EUR 650 million.

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