Metso Paper to deliver a board machine to Smurfit España in Mengibar, Spain

Published Sept 16, 2004 12.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper was selected by Smurfit España S.A. in Mengibar, Spain to supply a machine designed for the manufacture of high quality recycled packaging grades. The new approximately EUR 20 million PM 3 line is scheduled to start-up in mid 2005.

The 5.55-meter wide machine will be supplied from Metso Paper units in Finland and Italy and will consist of proven board making technology as well as new Metso technological concepts for packaging grades. It will have a design speed of 1000 m/min and will produce two-ply fluting, test liner, white top test liner (WTTL, WTTLC) in basis weight ranges of 80 – 200 g/m² with a daily production capacity of 700 tons/day.

Metso Paper’s delivery scope includes a new short circulation OptiFeed system, a two-ply fourdrinier wet end, SymFlo dilution headbox and metsoDNA for the bottom ply, SymPress, ValSizer film press, and an OptiHard calender.

Smurfit España S.A. Mengibar is located in the Jaén area, about 100 km north of Grenada. They belong to the Jefferson Smurfit Group and are one of the largest producers of high-quality packaging products in Spain.

More information:

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