Greater delivery capacity for Metso Belt

Published Mar 22, 2005 16.00.00 +2 GMT

A new production line for shoe press belts – part of them Metso Belts – has today, March 22, been brought on stream at the Tamfelt Corporation mill in Tampere. The line, which represents the latest technology in the industry, will significantly improve Metso’s ability to serve its customers and constantly respond to the increasing demand for long-nip presses.

Metso Belt can be adapted for use in paper, board and pulp drying machines. Metso Belt is a straight yarn reinforced polymeric belt developed by Tamfelt for demanding conditions. Different versions are available for different conditions. Shoe press belts have been included in Metso’s product range since 2003.

Over 200 shoe presses based on technology developed by Metso are in operation on paper and board machines around the world. In a shoe press or long-nip press, the dwell time between the metal roll and a belt made of polymeric material is substantially longer than the traditional roll press, so that more water is removed in the press section. This significant increase in web dry matter improves process efficiency. The long-nip press is currently a very commonly used solution in both new production lines and rebuilds. Its use is constantly growing.

More information: Reima Kerttula, Senior Vice President, Technology, Metso Paper Tel. +358 400 648 458