How partnerships add value to EPC companies

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An EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor frees the end customer from the technical and security concerns of the project, helping avoid personnel and financial waste. But then, all the responsibilities rest with the EPC company.

You know you’re covered

And these responsibilities are huge. Now, it’s your turn to delegate and find a trusted partner who can free you up from this burden.

Petrochemical plants have a myriad of different valve applications. Each valve must meet all safety requirements and emission standards, as well as be able to withstand the harshest process conditions, including high pressures and temperatures, toxic and corrosive fluids, vibration and more. A partner capable of covering all applications and requirements is a must.

You need to know you can depend on your technology partner to suggest and implement efficient and economical flow control solutions, which are some of the most critical components in petrochemical processes.

Priorities of EPC companies

When selecting a technology supplier for a project, an EPC company’s priorities include:

  • Total product offering from a single contact
  • Licensor-approved solutions
  • Complete project support, from early project phases through startup and beyond
  • Strong commitment to health, safety and the environment
  • Service supporting local needs during and after construction

Confirming that a potential partner meets these criteria comes first. But just as important is whether a supplier exceeds these expectations and can add supplementary value.

Does the supplier have deep knowledge of the end customer’s technical needs and requirements?

Do the supplier’s products include a range of additional smart solutions – for instance, monitoring tools to facilitate faster on-spec startup and allow online performance monitoring with diagnostics?

Does the supplier ensure that all offered solutions fulfill requirements and comply with specifications?

Does the supplier have the ability to cooperate in providing and developing new, efficient, cost-saving, digital data exchange technologies?

Is the supplier able even to challenge the end user’s specifications with lower-cost alternatives?

Finding a partner capable of all this is not impossible.

Valves for a USD 3 billion petrochemical plant project

Recently, Turkmenistan's national oil and gas company Turkmengas selected our flow control solutions, consisting of both standard and severe-service valves, as well as intelligent valve controllers, for a USD 3 billion petrochemical project. The order was placed by Hyundai Engineering, a leading Korean company that provides EPC solutions for plant projects.

What does it take to be a value-adding partner?

Hyundai Engineering chose us because we have delivered valves to hundreds of projects led by EPC companies. We have proven ourselves to be a partner that adds value for all of a project’s key stakeholders, including operators and equipment manufacturers.

Our global supply and service network supports EPC companies and end customers worldwide – from plant engineering to commissioning, during startup and throughout the entire plant operation.

We believe that everyone should do what they are best at. Together, we can then better serve our common customers.

This blog post has been up-dated in July 2020, due to company name change to Neles.

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