Easier boiler outages with Liquor to Liquor Shutdown Service

Nov 1, 2016

Planning for a boiler outage can be time-consuming; there are so many tasks to perform that scheduling can become a major challenge. Valmet has created a new lean concept for liquor to liquor recovery boiler outages. Your boiler outage period will be easier, faster, and trouble-free using our efficient techniques and steps.

A boiler shutdown process can easily become erratic without a sense of order. The Valmet Liquor to Liquor Shutdown Service organizes the boiler shutdown period in an ordered and economical fashion. This bundle of services will make the process simple and easy.

What is involved in Valmet Liquor to Liquor Shutdown Service?

The liquor to liquor lean concept works in conjunction with a service agreement where an agreed amount of service hours are used in multiple areas, including: as needed, emergency callouts, maintenance management, troubleshooting, field service and engineering. This - combined with multi-year service rate discounts, spare parts discounts and access to the best online boiler related training in the industry - gives you the best foundation to proceed with the liquor to liquor 7 step process.


Outage planning

Boiler outages performed via Valmet Liquor to Liquor Shutdown Service are smooth, quick and easy.

The multi-step liquor to liquor process

  1. Boiler outage planning to identify needs and tasks.
  2. Valmet Smelt Extraction boiler cleaning process to reduce cooling time, allow chemical recovery and minimize wash water volume.
  3. Valmet Recovery Boiler Cleaning floor washing process to reduce recovery time.
  4. Inspection and maintenance including NDT maintenance management.
  5. Chemical cleaning and boiler tube deposit inspection.
  6. Post-maintenance testing for future planning/budgeting.
  7. Startup tuning via boiler camera to optimize operation.

So, do you want to reduce the shutdown time for your next boiler outage while simultaneously doing the best job possible? Valmet Liquor to Liquor Shutdown Service has been proven to do both of these for several customers. Give us a call.

To learn more about improving your boiler outages, contact your Valmet representative.