Valmet China has successfully extended capacity in Services Centers

Jan 3, 2020

Valmet China Guangzhou Services Center received Record certificate of fire-fighting acceptance and Comprehensive acceptance of engineering quality on December 30,2019. The local government’s approval indicates that Valmet Guangzhou Services Center had successfully done the extension project.

Guangzhou Services Center extension project is part of Valmet’s further development in its services capacity in China. On September 20, 2019, Wuxi Services Center had inaugurated its new workshop at Valmet Annual General Seminar, which was held at Intercontinental hotel Wuxi. Approximately 170 local customers attended the seminar and celebration ceremony.

The extension projects in Wuxi and Guangzhou will bring a 3,000 square meter area under a roof. In Guangzhou Services Center, the new workshop will accommodate assembly lines for board, paper and tissue machine critical rolls as well as modern facilities for polyurethane covering. In Wuxi Services Center, the new workshop at the center will be mainly used for roll maintenance. 

As part of total investment, a new CNC machining will be installed in Valmet Zibo Services Center and it will be in operation in mid-2020, which will enable Valmet China to serve customers for Sym-Belt shoe plate grinding.

SER China extension.jpg

In first 10 years of this century in China, Valmet has successfully built three services centers in Wuxi, Guangzhou and Zibo, which can deliver full scope of services for Chinese customers. With the extensions and new capacity investment, as well as company’s other current locations in China, Valmet will further strengthen its commitment to Chinese market.


For further information, please contact:

Yingjun Huang, Director, Roll, China Services  Tel. +86 510 8522 5939