Connecting with the nonwovens industry at INDEX23

May 11, 2023

The Valmet global nonwovens team joined over 600 exhibitors from 43 countries at the INDEX23 nonwovens show in Geneva. During the 4 days, around 12 000 entries from over 100 countries visited the exhibition.

The Valmet team at the INDEX23 nonwovens show

There were many interested visitors at our booth wanting to learn who we are and what we can offer.  The 3D models of the new Valmet ThruAir® Bonder and the Valmet IQ Scanner sparked curiosity and served as good tools to explain our technology in a visual and educational way. 


Demonstrating the Valmet ThruAir Bonder

The Valmet IQ Scanner

Alongside the exhibition, there were free of charge side events. A total of 33 exhibitors held daily product presentations where Valmet was one of them. Fabrizio Bartolini presented Active Caliper Control, a tool allowing our customers to take care of their product during the winding and rewinding process.

Sustainability was the most prominent theme among exhibitors. With the need for reducing plastics and chemicals in nonwovens products the industry is eager to find alternatives and it was encouraging and inspiring to see many new innovations being presented.