Paper machine automation services

Automation solutions for several platforms

Valmet’s paper automation services offer paper- and board-makers with unique automation expertise that goes beyond just technical know-how. The services integrate safety, processes and machinery for improved control and higher reliability.

Our automation solutions include upgrades, replacements, process improvements and integrated projects. Valmet’s paper automation services provide problem-solving support for a number of different automation platforms, always according to customer need. 


Why choose Valmet's paper automation services?

  • Increased availability and reliability
  • Access to profound machine and process expertise, including hydraulics and lubrication
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Problem-solving solutions for a variety of automation platforms
  • Experience from a large installed machine base
  • Remote and after-sales support
  • High dedication to project management and start-ups


Upgrades and replacements

The runnability of machines and the availability of automation equipment can be improved through upgrades, extensions or replacements of PLCs, HMIs, PCs, black boxes, machine controls and drive controls. Obsolete components and electronics are replaced with up-to-date technology.

  • Arcos oscillator upgrade
  • Drive control system upgrade
  • Embedded I/O (EIO) and PCR upgrade
  • Hydraulic valve upgrade
  • Machine control system upgrade
  • Moog PSC2 controller upgrade
  • Non-Valmet zone-controlled roll control upgrade
  • PosiEdge to Valmet Ultrasonic Fabric Control8 upgrade
  • Valmet SymBelt Shoe Press Roll control modernization
  • Valmet SymBelt Shoe Press Roll control upgrade – from five zones to one zone
  • Valmet SymZS Nip Roll optimization PC upgrade


Process improvements

Automation hardware and software, such as web break detectors, pick-up sequence improvements and measurement systems, enable better process handling and improved runnability.

  • Valmet Shoe Press Delamination Detector1 – measuring system for shoe press belt delamination
  • Valmet Compact Hydraulics2 – precise nip loading control
  • Dynamic felt oscillation – ensures a homogenous press felt surface in the sheet area
  • Pick-up sequence improvement – improves web transfer to press section
  • Valmet Break Detector Pocket3 – web break detector
  • Valmet Press Nip Loading System4– nip loading system modernization for deflection-compensated Sym/CC rolls
  • Valmet Release Point Detector5 – center roll sheet release point measurement
  • Sheet moisture measurement
  • Valmet Oil Lubrication System T6
  • Valmet Sheet Temperature Detector7 – sheet and dryer cylinder surface temperature measurement
  • Valmet Ultrasonic Fabric Control8 – non-contacting fabric positioning solution


Integrated projects

Automation modifications and upgrades together with machine improvements or relocations are always implemented according to customer need. Integrated automation projects vary from individual components or principle drawings to full-scope automation deliveries of entire machine section rebuilds.






1 earlier known as BeltSense
2 earlier known as Digital Hydraulics
earlier known as PocketEye
earlier known as ProNip

5 earlier known as ReleaseEye
earlier known as Temperature-controlled Oil Lubrication
earlier known as ThermSense

8 earlier known as UltraEdge