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OptiAir Hood

High humidity hood for stable drying conditions

Valmet’s OptiAir Hood is much more than an enclosure over the dryer section. It combines systems for ventilation, runnability and heat recovery, thus providing excellent tools for controlling drying performance and maintaining energy efficiency.

Controlling drying performance and maintaining energy efficiency


OptiAir Hood is part of OptiAir process ventilation family and important part of creating energy efficient and stable drying conditions. OptiAir process ventilation offers complete control of energy and air flows in paper and board machines.

OptiAir Hood is designed for consistent long-term operation at high humidity and provides a controlled and stable environment for the drying process. It improves the runnability of the machine and enables efficient control of process ventilation and energy recovery from the exhausted air and water. It also improves working environment in the machine room by efficient sound attenuation and heat insulation.

Valmet Fold-up Wall – Smart and safe solution for closed hood


Valmet Fold-up Wall improves safety and enables shorter maintenance shut-downs while standing the same conditions as a traditional closed hood. Unlike in a traditional hood, the wall can be opened to a wanted height during web breaks and fully during shutdowns, thus giving excellent access to the dryer section. The outlook of the wall can be selected to suit your specific needs. Watch the video to see how it works in practice!

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