Scalable, high-performance controllers for DCS

Valmet DNA Controllers

Valmet DNA controllers range from small embedded controllers to large rack controllers. Each modal features a wide range of connectivity and processing capabilities. All Valmet controllers are underscored by a lifecycle philosophy guaranteeing easy transition to new generations. They ensure a dependable platform for all your controls and external connections. These control nodes support the modern ACN I/Os and main industry field buses, such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, FF and AS-i. Standard links like OPC DA, OPC UA Ethernet and serial links ensure excellent connectivity to third-party systems.

Select from a range of robust controllers to meet your operating conditions and process requirements

Easily connect and extend with Ethernet, fieldbus, PROFIBUS and serial interfaces

Rely on industrial components engineered for long lifecycles and simple maintenance

ACN MR controller for Valmet DNA Distributed control system (DCS)

Modular rail-mounted controllers

ACN MR controller

The high-performance Valmet ACN MR is a multi-functional controller used in centralized, distributed and embedded applications. Valmet ACN MR controllers are also suitable for standalone applications with or without a connection to Valmet DNA.

Its small size and high processing power give the ACN MR great flexibility. The controller can be fitted for small, medium and large applications. In addition to built-in redundancy support, the ACN MR features a removable SD card with all software and parameters for easily swapping to a new node.

ACN CS controller for Valmet DNA Distributed control system (DCS)

Compact industrial controllers

ACN CS controller

The Valmet ACN CS is designed for embedded and standalone applications such as process controls, connectivity, fast machine controls and advanced fuzzy or multivariable controls. Inside the controller’s IP20 enclosure, with optional conformal coating, there are no moving parts for better reliability.

Featuring two extension slots for a variety of PCIe cards to extend interfacing capabilities, the Valmet ACN CS can be easily used in combination with other Valmet DNA controllers, mounted to a 19" rack shelf or panel. The ACN CS supports full one-to-one redundancy, as well as redundant Ethernet and Fieldbus connections.

ACN RT controller for Valmet DNA Distributed control system (DCS)

Large-scale, high-performance controllers

ACN RT controller

Engineered to deliver high performance for centralized applications, the Valmet ACN RT controller is the best solution where very high processing power and multiple fieldbuses are required.

The Valmet ACN RT includes five extension slots for PCIe cards to add interface capacity.  In addition to one-to-one redundancy and redundant connectivity, the controller has hot-swappable components including the main fan, CPU fan and air filter.

  Mounting Supply voltage Operating system Min. Control cycle Redundancy
Autostart Extension slots for PCIe cards Max. Fieldbus amount Conformal coating Cooling Marine type
ACN MR Rail +24 VDC Linux 5 ms Yes Yes 0 5 Yes (option) Passive Yes
ACN CS Panel/shelf +24 VDC Linux 20 ms Yes Yes 2 5 Yes (option) Passive Yes
ACN RT 19" rack/shelf +24 VDC / 110-230 VAC Linux 20 ms Yes Yes 5 7 Yes (option) Active Yes