Our businesses


In 2019.

Valmet is organized around four business lines and five geographical areas. The business lines are Services, Pulp and Energy, Paper and Automation. The areas are North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), Asia Pacific, and China. The areas are responsible for sales, providing services that meet customers’ needs and support of project deliveries in their respective regions.

Valmet is an established market leader and has a strong market position in all its businesses.

 Our businesses

Services business line provides flexible and fit-for-purpose services to promote improved performance and reliability. Our Services offering increases the environmental efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Valmet’s customers’ production processes, while ensuring safe and reliable operations.

Automation business line delivers automation solutions ranging from single measurements to mill- or plant-wide process automation systems. They are designed to maximize the profitability and sustainability of customers’ businesses by improving production performance and cost-effectiveness, and material and energy efficiency.

Pulp and Energy business line provides technologies and solutions for pulp and energy production, as well as for biomass conversion and emission control. The technologies maximize the value of renewable raw materials, while increasing production efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

Paper business line delivers complete lines, machine rebuilds and process components for board, tissue and paper production. The technologies are designed for high operational and environmental efficiency, flexibility and reliability. The machines have a modular structure with as much standardization as possible to enable easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for Valmet’s customers.