Our businesses

In 2018.

Valmet is organized around four business lines and five geographical areas. The business lines are Services, Pulp and Energy, Paper and Automation. The areas are North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), Asia Pacific, and China. The areas are responsible for sales, providing services that meet customers’ needs and support of project deliveries in their respective regions.

Valmet is an established market leader and has a strong market position in all its businesses.

 Our businesses

Services business line provides customers with mill improvements, roll and workshop services, spare parts, fabrics, and life-cycle services. Valmet serves over 2000 pulp and paper mills globally. This means that annually more than half of the world’s 3 800 pulp and paper mills buy services from Valmet.

Automation business line delivers automation solutions ranging from single measurements to mill wide process automation systems. The main products are Distributed Control Systems, Quality Control Systems, analyzers and measurements, vision systems, and performance and service solutions. The main automation customer industries are the pulp and paper and other process industries, energy production, marine, and oil & gas.

Pulp and Energy business line provides technologies and solutions for pulp and energy production as well as for biomass conversion. The pulp projects range from process equipment deliveries to complete pulp mills. Valmet’s energy solutions include e.g. biomass based energy boilers and their rebuilds. In addition, Valmet continuously develops new biomass conversion technologies.

Paper business line delivers complete board, tissue and paper production lines and machine rebuilds. Board, tissue and paper are used in a number of end products such as packaging, handkerchiefs, toilet paper and hand towels as well as printing and writing papers.