Customer case:

Taking pulp dewatering to the next level at Mercer Stendal

May 26, 2023

New TwinRoll technology and monitoring tools improves pulp washing process at Mercer Stendal. When Mercer’s Stendal mill was inaugurated in 2004, it was by a distance one of the world’s most modern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp mills. The mill has continuously striven harder to maintain its position, brown stock washing is one of the processes which have recently seen improvements. The results have been outstanding.

Taking pulp dewatering to the next level at Mercer Stendal
Reliability is a top priority, especially when operating a fiberline like ours. Without relevant by-pass options, any problems with dewatering and washing equipment reliability result in production efficiency losses.”
Dirk Würsig, Maintenance Manager, Mercer Stendal


Location Mercer Stendal, Germany
Customer target The mill wanted to further improve the pulp washing process.
  • TwinRoll Press was upgraded with Valmet’s TwinRoll Press Roll G6 rolls with several new features that enhance reliability and dewatering performance.
  • Valmet TwinRoll Press Vat Temperature Monitoring system was taken into use as part of the TwinRoll Press upgrade. This tool follows the pulp flow distribution inside the press through temperature measurements.
  • New rolls have been met customer expectations and been operating on good performance level without reliability issues.
  • Press blockages are now visible. Valmet TwinRoll Press Vat Temperature monitoring is showing when and where they occur. This enables improvement or upkeeping actions and therefore monitoring contributes eventually on overall production efficiency.

Technical data

Machine supplier Valmet 2004, rebuild by Valmet with new rolls 2021
Product Bleached softwood kraft (NBSK)
Production 740,000 tonnes/year
Valmet TwinRoll Press Vat Temperature monitoring has made press blockages visible, showing when and where they occur. In the next phase, we will focus on getting a better understanding of the root causes of the problems, and how to prevent them.”
Sabine Teucke, Technology Manager, Mercer Stendal

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