Asset tracking

Following your assets is a valuable addition to your supply chain. Using a new mobile tracking service, developed by Yepzon, this can be managed easily. Through close collaboration, all relevant asset information is easily integrated and stored into Valmet's automation systems. Asset tracking creates many opportunities through specific data, that Valmet's systems can process for you.

Real-time data

Easy access to asset-related information

Virtual real-time pressure measurement

ATEX Certified

A new ATEX certified tracking solution is integrated into the Valmet DNA automation system for LNG, gas and chemical containers. The ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU covers equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Better asset management through centralized data management is a valuable tool in improving safety and protecting the environment. Tracking assets is more than just a dot on a map, it is vital information within a supply chain to measure data.


The collaboration between Yepzon and Valmet has yielded many successful cases, where the optimization has resulted in valuable uplifts. Through the seamless integration, all valuable data can be reused in Valmet's other systems, to combine them for the most effective results. Through this close collaboration, we are able to track not only container volumes, but also pressure classes, service intervals and more.

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