Logistics control

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Real-time data for each party when and where needed. Valmet's solution to logistics control means real-time delivery tracking. For example, the mobile phone of the truck driver is integrated into our system so the driver can check where and when the deliveries are needed, how much gas has to be delivered to each location – and much more.

Real-time data

Information always accessible

Improved logistics planning

Detailed information

Through Valmet's logistics control software, we can provide every party involved in the supply chain with real-time data. Whenever, wherever. This cloud-based solution, allows us to enable the use of the small-scale virtual pipeline (SSVP). Detailed information is given to, for example, truck drivers for their deliveries, operators for their scheduling and timings for the planning. Of course, all this data can be combined within Valmet's extensive integrated operations portfolio, to ensure optimal usage.


There are many benefits to using our logistics control software. As mentioned there is not only a continuous accessability of real-time data. Increasing data will also lead to more accurate deliveries and better control of logistics in general. It boosts the efficiency of logistics planning, so that there will be less down-time, missed deliveries or wrong deliveries, which in turn provides a better yield.

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