Refiner Segments

Valmet offers a wide range of consumables to optimize your mills performance, making the most out of the least. Choosing Valmet as a supplier provides long consumable lifetime and lowest possible costs. Our consumable agreements are always individually tailored for each production line.

Valmet provides a full range of tailored production consumables from economical to high performance products. A comprehensive selection of consumables is available at Valmet. In addition to quick purchasing and reliable deliveries, customers get to tap into Valmet’s in-depth knowledge and comprehensive technical expertise.

Benefits of choosing Valmet as a consumables supplier:

  • Extended shutdown cycles
  • Maximized production
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Lowest life cycle costs and reliable product performance
  • Energy and raw material savings
  • Quality improvements
  • Lower capital and order handling costs.


Uniform feed

Valmet has a strong tradition in developing new product families for Refiner Segments. Since the introduction of Attack bar in 2005, features like Turbine segments, Equal lock and more recently Vacuum flow and Pitch clean has been rolled out.

We have many new features under development which will be launched during this and coming year. We would like to highlight Valmet Refiner Segments - Uniform feed which ensures more efficient and uniform chip feeding into the disc gap. Uniform feed, commonly used for center plates and rotor c-segments is now available for all types and sizes of machines regardless of refiner supplier.  


For more information, contact our Global Technology Manager Thommy Lindblom ( or your local Valmet representative.

Optimizing MDF production with Valmet refiner segments

There is always a higher level

Refiner Segments – SE

The SE feature is a flexible design concept that allow tailor making, with its individual sections and patented inter-section arrangements, ensuring steam- and pressure balance management.

Refiner Segments – Turbine segments

Energy-saving designs involve spreading the wood flow evenly over the segment rings without loosing speed.

Refiner Segments - Attack bar

Inclined bars for sharper leading edges and cleaner grooves as well as energy saving over segment lifetime.





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