Production consumables and Refiner Segments

Valmet offers a wide range of consumables to optimize your mills performance, making the most out of the least. Choosing Valmet as a supplier provides long consumable lifetime and lowest possible costs. Our consumable agreements are always individually tailored for each production line.

Valmet provides a full range of tailored production consumables from economical to high performance products. A comprehensive selection of consumables is available at Valmet. In addition to quick purchasing and reliable deliveries, customers get to tap into Valmet’s in-depth knowledge and comprehensive technical expertise.

Benefits of choosing Valmet as a consumables supplier:

  • Extended shutdown cycles
  • Maximized production
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Lowest life cycle costs and reliable product performance
  • Energy and raw material savings
  • Quality improvements
  • Lower capital and order handling costs.

Optimizing MDF production with Valmet refiner segments

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Refiner Segments – Turbine segments

Energy-saving designs involve spreading the wood flow evenly over the segment rings without loosing speed.

ServoNavitas - Unidirectional segment concept

By optimizing the refining process and refiner segments mills operational costs and product quality can be greatly effected.

Refiner Segments - Attack bar

Inclined bars for sharper leading edges and cleaner grooves as well as energy saving over segment lifetime.





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