Workshop services for fiberboard

Services for high performance and availability

Workshop services ensure high availability and optimal performance of your equipment in the fiberboard process. Do you want to improve maintenance predictability? Are you making the most of the latest improvements?

Improved performance and lifetime through upgrades

High availability

Easy maintenance predictability

Workshop services for fiberboard offer full scope reconditioning at Valmet workshops globally to return equipment performance to the original level and beyond with upgrades.  With modular maintenance solutions, the optimal lifetime can be achieved.


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Refiner reconditioning

Valmet offers a wide range of reconditioning for defibrators/refiners, as well as defibrator/refiner auxiliaries, including infeed screws, refiner housing and segment holders.

Refiner reconditioning keeps the machine running smoothly as good as new. Improved performance is possible utilizing the latest improvements.

Plug screw conditioning

A correctly reconditioned plug screw and screw pipe secures optimal performance over the screw set’s lifetime.

Plug screw feeder operation also affects the running stability of the refiner, the dewatering capacity and the lifetime of the refiner segments.

In plug screw OEM reconditioning, the screw and pipe are built back to the original geometry. The surface is coated/hard-welded and verified according to quality protocols.

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Exchange unit agreement – a powerful risk management tool

Finding a balance between risk and costs in the spare equipment inventory can be difficult. Valmet’s Exchange Unit Agreement is an alternate solution that eliminates the need to purchase your own spare equipment. The agreement ensures dedicated equipment in perfect condition is always available to the customer. Agreements are established based on each customer’s needs. Agreements are powerful risk management tools with known annual costs.

Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

This handbook gives you guidance in best practices for keeping your operation in good condition and with service interval recommendations helping you prevent unexpected failures.