Flow control for chlorine service

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Chlorine service is notoriously challenging. It’s highly reactive as a liquid or gas and can easily go from a revenue generator to personal or environmental catastrophe if extreme precautions are not taken. Chlorine applications are not for the inexperienced or unproven.



Expert service

Reliable valves and services for chlorine service

The challenges of high temperature, pressure and expansion rate must be overcome to prevent leakage of chlorine into the environment or upstream of the valve. Fugitive emissions can have fatal consequences and cause environmental contamination, while leakage upstream can result in dangerous over-pressurization in the line.

Chlorine, as a highly corrosive chemical, creates additional challenges for the valve. If the proper high alloys are not used, valves will quickly corrode and fail. Again, the result of valve failure is unacceptable in terms of both safety and productivity.

Safety and reliability for chlorine applications

Valmet's flow control products have been used in chlor-alkali service for over 40 years. Our longevity and large installed base provide tremendous experience and knowledgebase that drives continuous innovation of our products and skill of our service team.

These products include multiple features that make them safer and more reliable for use in chlorine applications. The flexible lip seat will flex when pressure builds up to vent chlorine safely towards the high pressure, upstream side of the valve. PTFE stem and body seals provide an additional safety advantage. The live loaded stem eliminates leakage past the stem, while the specially designed body eliminates leaks between the seals and body cap.

Foundries who supply Valmet's Neles™ valves must pass a 57-point inspection and quarterly audit. In addition to the supply of superior materials, our in-house testing and metallurgy guarantee that only the best castings and alloys are used. The results are valves that will keep your operation running safely year after year.

Experience and expertise make the difference

With so much as stake it makes sense to partner with a proven valve supplier who has the experience and technology to make sure your processes are safer and more efficient.