Customer case:

The largest bio power plant in the US runs with Valmet's automation solutions

Aug 12, 2015

Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, the largest bio power plant in the US, produces 788,400 MWh of energy annually for local residents. Biomass power is carbon neutral and represents clean energy. Valmet’s process automation solutions contribute to the sustainable business.

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*) Metso until March 31, 2015

The DNA automation system is well designed. Compared with other competitors’ systems, it is better in terms of design and support. It might have something to do with the size of the company and the fact that Valmet started in the paper industry. So, probably you have to be more supportive of the customer. With this, you have done good work.”

Russell Abel, Plant Manager


Location Gainesville, Florida, USA
Customer challenge Reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels. Clean energy. To optimize between CO emissions, ammonia consumption and boiler efficiency (boiler O2). Safety and reliability. To achieve green energy.
Solution Valmet DNA automation system and information management system to control the operation of the plant. Combustion control to enhance the performance. Process simulator to train the operators.
Results Reliable new source of energy. Lower emissions. Reports about NOX and CO2 values received. Security and better control are also achieved.
Keywords Biofuels and biomaterials, Energy, North America, Automation