Questions and answers related to Interim Review January-June 2016

Aug 4, 2016

Why did profitability (EBITA %) increase y-o-y? (Compared to Q2/2015)

  • Profitability improved due to the higher level of net sales in the Pulp and Energy business line

Why did profitability (EBITA %) increase q-o-q? (Compared to Q1/2016)

  • Higher business volumes especially in stable business
  • In Automation, Q1 typically is typically the weakest quarter

You have good short-term market outlook in Board and Paper, but surprisingly low orders received. Why?

  • Some postponements in customers’ decision making

Which are the most active areas from geographical point of view?

  • Orders received increased in Asia-Pacific and China, remained at the previous year’s level in South America and decreased in North America and EMEA
  • Quarterly variations have been and will be large

Brexit – what is the expected impact on your business?

  • Difficult to say at this phase – Brexit is expected to be a complicated and time-consuming process
  • Valmet’s exposure to UK is limited