Orders received and prize shower

May 8, 2017

The beginning of the year has been good for Valmet in many ways. First quarter orders received were the highest since two and a half years, order book is record high, and as for EBITA, Q1/2017 was the strongest first quarter in Valmet’s history. Valmet was included in yet another highly regarded sustainability index, and also the share price set a new record. I believe that the investors value this development.

The investor relations team has received recognition, too. In April, Valmet’s investor website was ranked as the best of the Finnish large cap companies by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and the Finnish Society of Financial Analysts. In turn, IR Magazine, a distinguished publication in the field of investor relations, shortlisted Valmet’s investor website as one of the best in the whole of Europe. In the IR Magazine Awards Europe, Valmet is one of the nominees also in the category 'Best use of multimedia for IR'.

A good investor website serves many stakeholder groups and various information needs. Whether the visitor is interested in Valmet’s business lines, financials or management holdings, our aim is that the information needed can be found easily and fast. Investor websites are even more important, when the user seeks information about a company which is unknown to him. We have therefore made an effort to provide the most essential information about Valmet as an investment even during a short visit on the site. The busiest visitors are served by the answers to the frequently asked questions, ‘Valmet in brief’ fact sheet with the latest figures, and the two-minute summary videos of the result releases.

For us, the investor website is an important means of investor communications, and we are very flattered by the recognition it has received. We are far from done, however. We want to keep our position in the forefront of the European listed companies by constantly developing and renewing the site. Valmet’s investor website has been acknowledged especially for the clear structure and illustrative graphics –  just right for an engineering company.

If you are not yet familiar with Valmet’s investor website, I encourage you to explore it straight away. In case you cannot find what you are after, or you’d like to give us feedback, do contact us!