Making your performance our first priority

Asset performance management based on real-time data and monitoring

Every process operator wants to get the best possible performance from their equipment. And, as part of this, they also want to avoid downtime, while minimizing maintenance costs. Mills and plants can achieve these goals and improve their overall life cycle profitability by leveraging the expertise of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

OEMs have the most detailed knowledge about their equipment, and they also have the most experience of maintaining and optimizing it, as well as insight into its performance from different processes worldwide. However, to get the most from any equipment, you need to know how it is actually performing. With current maintenance methods, operators review performance data from their processes regularly, for example, with the help of monthly reports. This lets them check that their equipment is operating within normal parameters and helps them plan upcoming maintenance needs. But, because the data is not real-time, there is always a delay between when an issue occurs and when the operator sees it. 

With real-time data, we can detect issues much faster and resolve them more efficiently.

To improve this situation, some equipment manufacturers, like Valmet, have begun to offer services which manage asset performance in real-time. With this kind of service, the OEM manages your equipment performance for you. Because they are monitoring and analyzing the data in real-time, they can detect deviations in equipment performance faster than ever, for example, with preset alarms. Better still, when they do identify an issue, they have the relevant experts on hand to deal with it instantly.

We offer these kinds of services through our Valmet Performance Center, where we provide both the analytical capabilities and extensive expertise needed to ensure the best performance. With real-time data we can act faster to safeguard your asset performance, being proactive instead of reactive, and identify potential issues long before they become a problem.

Continuous online monitoring of critical processes and equipment enables early identification of anomalies. Together with proactive service actions, this helps to avoid unplanned unavailability or downtime.