Valmet composite cover for wire, felt and paper lead rolls

Sep 15, 2015

Valmet Lead Roll Cover CG is for demanding lead and guide roll positions.The smooth, long-lasting Valmet Lead Roll Cover GC cover is meant for demanding guide and lead roll positions. Valmet Lead Roll Cover GC features long service life due to good wear and chemical resistance. Specifically, it provides strong chemical resistance against clay, calcium carbonate, oil, latex, starch and acid salts normally used in papermaking.

Valmet Lead Roll Cover GC is made of smooth, gentle material designed to handle forming fabrics and felts. It may be grooved. The cover performs well in typical dryer section conditions. Valmet Lead Roll Cover GC remains clean due to its good release properties. It also resists end lifting while eliminating corrosion problems. Surface roughness (Ra) is < 3.2 µm and < 1.0 µm for paper guide rolls with a hardness of 87 ShD.


Valmet Lead Roll Cover GC may be doctored, however doctoring should only be performed as needed. Valmet recommends carbon fiber or fiberglass doctor blades, specifically the ValEco blade. Doctoring of GuideColt performs best with oscillation.

Refer to the datasheet found in Related Links for more information regarding applications, chemical resistance, cleaning and handling.

For more information on Valmet's high performance roll covers, contact your Valmet representative.