Valmet supports Mercer Stendal's growth strategy

Nov 3, 2020

In order to support Mercer Stendal's growth strategy for environmental performance in combination with pulp production increase Valmet will supply rebuilds to the batch cooking plant, pulp dryer, lime kiln and in the bark boiler at Mercer Stendal pulp mill in Germany. All projects combine latest design and technology improvements.

“The rebuilds are important parts in Mercer’s plans to continuously improve environmental performance. It supports Mercer Stendal’s strategy to decarbonize the mill, increase energy efficiency and is a step forward towards a zero-waste mill. It is planned to increase the pulp production to 740,000 tonnes per year at the mill. After a planned shut-down in spring 2021, the Stendal mill will start-up with the increased production and a new level of environmental performance,” says Dr. Martin Zenker, Pulp Mill Manager at Mercer Stendal.

“We have had trustful and friendly discussions with a long-term customer. Since months back everybody involved is working hard to keep the tight delivery schedule and adapt to the Covid-19-situation. These special times demands special solutions to aid good communication in the project,” says Bernhard Trunk, Senior Sales Manager at Valmet.

Information about Valmet’s delivery

Valmet’s delivery includes two new digesters in the batch cooking plant and two new rolls for the biggest TwinRoll press in the brown stock washing plant. In the dryer two end towers will be added for improving the dryer capacity, energy efficiency and for better control of the pulp web. The end towers include fans, blow boxes and steam coils. In the recovery area a new lime kiln cooler will be installed in order to support the mills decarbonization strategy by significantly improving the lime kiln energy efficiency. Additionally, a windsifter to separate sand from the ash will be installed in the bark boiler.

Information about the customer Mercer Stendal

The Stendal mill was completed in 2004 and it was, for nearly the next decade, the most modern northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp mill in the world, originally designed for 520,000 tonnes of NBSK and about 100 MW of green electricity. Today, after a tradition of continuous development of the mill, including project “Blue Mill” completed in 2014, the mill has approx. 675,000 tonnes of NBSK capacity, 148 MW of green electricity, and a modern turpentine and tall oil extraction plant. Mercer Stendal operates Germanys largest biomass boilers and is a provider of green energy to the electricity grid.

For further information, please contact:

Bernhard Trunk, Senior Sales Manager, Pulp Solutions in EMEA Region, Valmet, tel. +49 173 3080 559