Exceeding expectations with OptiAir Recovery mist remediation at Ajin P&P's PM 2

May 10, 2022

In 2019, Ajin P&P decided to rebuild its paper machine PM 2 with a target to increase the mill’s production and improve the end-product quality. The rebuild was delivered by Valmet and it included OptiAir Recovery mist remediation to reduce and eliminate mist and enable the increase of heat recovery capacity.


Environmental issues as a top priority

Ajin P&P is the largest corrugated board producer in the southeast region of Korea and it has played a leading role in the packaging and paper industry for over 45 years. Sustainability is an essential value for the company and now OptiAir Recovery mist remediation helps to eliminate and decrease visible mist at the exhaust air discharge.

“Since environmental issues are our top priority, we plan to operate our facilities at a much stricter level – and again, we need technologically advanced partners for that,” says Dr. Jin-Doo Kim, CEO, Ajin P&P says.

The customer has been satisfied with the performance of the mist remediation system and says the machine works as it should. Overall, the collaboration has been very successful with the rebuild project. 

“The performance of all the newly installed equipment has exceeded our expectations by far. We are more than 100% satisfied,” Dr. Jin-Doo Kim says.