Long term service agreement ensures smooth running of the world’s largest renewable diesel plant

Jun 8, 2016

In 2010 Valmet delivered a comprehensive automation and safety solution to Neste's renewable diesel refinery in Singapore, the world's largest renewable diesel refinery. Since the November 2010 start-up, a Valmet service agreement has provided local and remote support to ensure reliable plant operation. Located in the Tuas industrial zone in the southwest of Singapore, about 30 minutes from downtown, the refinery has a capacity of 800,000t/a of NExBTL renewable diesel.

Neste Oil Singapore renewable diesel refinery is the world’s largest renewable diesel refinery, started in November 2010, locates in Tuas industrial zone in the southwest of Singapore, around 30 minutes from the downtown.  The refinery has a capacity of 800,000t/a NExBTL renewable diesel.

State-of-the-art automation systems

Valmet's* automation business has delivered comprehensive automation and safety solution for this largest renewable diesel plant in 2010, and proudly to say, the plant has operated smoothly and safely since launched.

As we all know, process reliability and safety are the most critical factors in the oil and gas industry, the delivery include redundant process control stations, integrated safety systems, control room stations and equipment as well as DCS integrated field equipment maintenance tools. In addition, full process history data storage, trending and reporting application with remote access possibilities, also included.

On-line condition monitoring ensures device availability

One of system features is the comprehensive use of HART data. The HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol is a bi-directional communication protocol that provides data access between intelligent field instruments and the automation system. At the NExBTL plant, each available additional HART measurement has been made accessible to the operators, who use them especially in start-up and shut-down situations.

DNA Field Device Manager makes device management easier and more efficient by providing easy remote device configuration, calibration and tuning. Open FDT/DTM technology allows access to all FDT supported field devices. Online device condition monitoring ensures continuous information on device diagnostics and supports proactive field asset management. Included Device Performance Monitoring feature takes the analysis of the selected devices to a higher level. It enables more accurate diagnostic based conclusions and also helps to focus and optimize maintenance work. For example the available maintenance resources can be allocated more efficiently during shutdowns.

Easy and safe operation

Valmet's state-of-the-art automation system has eased the operators' working load. All the information is available via Valmet DNA interface, operators read, analyse, and communicate these figures around the plant, even to the decision-maker. The Valmet DNA system is a very reliable integrated system, controls all the equipment and applications with a single system. And easy to monitor and its reliability ensures that there will be no big unexpected shutdown.


Valmet DNA

For Roland Ong, plant operator at Neste Singapore, the safety system screen looks clean, situations are very simple to distinguish with different color icons. “A simple and fresh look, with one glance you can know what is happening by seeing the color difference.”


“Valmet's automation systems Valmet DNA are PC based systems, very easy to use,” according to Roland Ong, operators in Neste Singapore, “ If you know Microsoft windows, it's a similar operating system, very easy to use and adapt.”

And referring to the safety system, the screen looks clean, very simple to distinguish with different color icons. Simple and fresh look, one glimpse, you can know what is happening by seeing the color difference.

“History data function is a very effective tool for trouble-shooting, we use very often, to position what has happened, and track back into the history, specify the hours. Typically 60 days data storage is fine than enough, but we request more, so 1 years data is also available on service, as archived files.” Commented by Teh Yong Sing, right, Senior Operating Engineer, Neste.


Neste Oil Singapore

Reliable partner

“We have been working in close cooperation with Valmet from project stage, the automation systems incorporated many edge-cutting features in operator interfaces, diagnostics and system interfaces were jointly developed by Neste and Valmet.” commented by Sampathkumar V, Instrument Engineer from Neste.

“Since the refinery started up, Valmet is chosen as the service partner, collaborate with Neste, for service support. With our huge installed bases, We understand customers short and long-terms needs, help to plan and prioritize with their longer-term service activities to ensure higher automation system availability and increase lifecycle of the equipment.” quoted by Selamat Nauli, Sales Manager, Process Automation, Asia Pacific, Valmet Automation.

"No matter routine, daily maintenance support, or emergence trouble-shooting occur, Valmet always give quick response. Typically Valmet has an on-site engineer, he is required to resolve the situation immediately, if the problem is complex and beyond his scope, he will connect to experts in Finland or global, for remote expert resolution." says Chee Kee Chien, Neste Maintenance Manager.

"I have to say, Valmet's customer care response model is very effective, we can reach whenever we need, even midnight, weekends or holidays. No any failure. And engineers are well-trained and work as a great team, always have backup persons who knows the situation before arriving, for us, it feels like exact the same person. As long as we build the trust and confidence with your partner, the communication is much easier and troubles are easy to solve."

  Chee Kee Chien, Maintenance Manager from Neste Singapore

Neste Singapore

Neste is refining and marketing company concentrating on low-emission, high-quality traffic fuels, and the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel. Employ around 5,000 people in a total of 14 countries.

For more information:
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*) Company and product name Metso until March 31, 2015.