Field services for heat and power boilers

How to improve availability for the operational period?

Field services for heat and power boilers

Regular maintenance for power boilers is essential for safety of operations, efficient operating cost, reliable operations, compliance with regulatory standards and emissions controls. Planned maintenance helps identify and rectify minor issues before they escalate into major problems, improving the overall reliability of the boiler and minimizing unexpected downtime.

Safety of operations

Improving reliability

Efficient operating cost

Emissions controls

Tuning takes the boiler to the optimum operation conditions

Over time, boilers can experience efficiency losses due to deposits, fouling or malfunctioning components. Regular maintenance helps optimize the boiler’s performance by leaning and tuning it, ensuring efficient combustion, and minimizing heat losses. It improves efficiency which translates to improved efficiency and decreased costs. The tuning can be done for maximum, medium and minimum load, or a specific load that are limiting the operation.

Improved reliability with burner inspection and service 

We provide servicing for start-burners, load-burners, MeOH-burners etc. in power boilers. Depending on the scope, the assessment of the burners is either an inspection or a complete overhaul (service). Well working burners improves combustion performance, safe working environment and improved reliability. In the last 10 years, we have delivered approximately 550 burners for 150 boilers.

Questions about equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

Whether it’s a single process survey, equipment maintenance, shutdown management or full maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact your closest Valmet Service Center for guidance.

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How to find the optimal fuel blend setting for your plant 

Fuel price is one of the major costs in boiler operation today. There is great potential to reduce fuel purchasing cost, but this often leads to increased maintenance cost with cheaper challenging fuels. In Valmet Boiler Combustibility Study, the risk evaluation is done in relation to plant design by considering aspects as fuel feeding equipment, bed agglomeration, corrosion, erosion and emissions. With the study we can evaluate the risks before you introduce new fuel mixtures to the boiler. 

Optimize your air emission levels

Boilers can have impact on the environment through emissions such as greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and air pollutants. The air emissions can limit the operation of the power boiler and cause increased costs in fees for emitted compounds. It is therefore important to reduce and optimize the emission levels to get the most out of the boiler. The air emission study and tuning will give you an overall picture and documentation of the current air emission status and recommendations for further actions and investments to reach the set targets.

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