Chemical systems for coating and sizing

Valmet is a genuine one-stop supplier of sizing and coating technology, including related chemical systems

The intelligence that really underlies paper- and board-making lines can be found in the elements that go behind and below a paper machine. For example, a functioning air removal system is essential in a coating or sizing supply system to reach the desired level of end product quality.

Optimized mechanical design and automation guarantees functionality in all conditions, especially during start-up and after web breaks. The cleanliness of equipment and piping receives special attention in the design of chemical systems, along with energy efficiency, minimizing effluents, and recovery.

OptiSupply supply systems exist for every type of coating head and size press on the market. Valmet has equipment for any supply system: machine tanks, pressure screens, deaerators, automated coarse strainers and effluent recovery systems. For demanding applications, several double and return flow screening concepts are available.

OptiStarch and OptiColor surface size and coating color preparation systems have complete coating kitchens, comprising unloading, processing and storage of coating color components, metering and dosing of components in the mixer, and storage of products. The process includes optimized equipment for sub-processes like agitating, metering, screening and mixing. Coating color recovery systems based on Valmet's ultrafiltration technology can also be included in order to recycle effluents containing coating.
Valmet's technology offers a safe way to reuse recovered coating without any additional chemicals, minimizing coating color losses.

We invite you to carry out chemical systems trials at Paper Technology Center on the coating color plant. The plant features modern coating color and size preparation equipment including a native starch cooking system. Coating effluent is treated with Valmet ultrafiltration process.