Customer case:

Klabin LignoBoost XS - lignin extraction

May 4, 2021

Klabin LignoBoost XS plant
We wanted to be sure the process worked, that we had the right product characteristics and quality parameters. Lignin performance has been constant, and we can obtain a product with good purity."
Francisco Razzolini, Director for Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Projects, Klabin


Location Klabin Technology Center at Pilot Plant Park in Telêmaco Borba, in Paraná state, Brazil
Customer challenge

Growing global demand to reduce fossil fuels and non-renewable materials.

Study the feasibility of the process, right product characteristics and quality parameters.


Demonstration-scale lignin extraction plant, Valmet LignoBoost XS plant

Capacity a tonne per day of dry lignin


Effective way to produce lignin,

Evaluate end markets, and develop the best pathway for a future lignin business

New value adding product for the Klabin - Non-toxic, renewable material that can be used as a base chemical to synthesize various products to replace fossil raw materials

Keywords Lignin extraction, LignoBoost, Biomaterials, Klabin, South America