TIP Glue filter

Automatic glue filtering system stand alone version

When making glued products, not all the glue applied is transferred to the substrate to be glued. Valmet offers a simple solution to this problem that is easy to install and manage.

Constant quality

The homogeneous dilution of the glue allows to reach a better quality because the system adjusts the mixture of water and glue according to the parameters entered


The glue is prepared in small batches that are always fresh so the waste of prepared glue is limited 

Environmental sustainability

Limits the need to dispose of the prepared glue to small quantities

TIP installable on all laminator machines and machines equipped with a glue system

Main characteristics

The excess glue is then sucked into a recirculation circuit and mixed with fresh glue and reloaded on the machine, in a continuous circuit. 

In the recirculation phases, together with the glue, fiber particles are also transported which in the long run can create obstructions or accumulations of dirt. 

The system can be used also on machines equipped with Aquabond technology. 

A dedicated PLC controls the functionality of the filter, so the installation and the start up is easy and fast. 

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the TIP. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a free consultation"

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