Eliminates emery dust ad reduce risk of fire

It eliminates the emery generated by the grinding wheels of the circular blades, the filings produced by the removed steel, the dust coming from the systems used for sharpening the wheels, as well as oil deposits.

Improved quality

Products free from dust contamination resulting from sharpening 

Greater efficiency

The maintenance interventions for cleaning the inside of the machine become less frequent with an improvement in the overall efficiency of the machine

Improved safety

The elimination of the incandescent emery from the inside of the machine allows to prevent the onset of possible fires 

TIP installable on: 112D - 113 - 162E - 163E - 164E - 165E - 175E - 176E - 181E - 182E/2 - 182E/3 - 182E/4 - 183E - XLS7 logsaws 

Main characteristics

With the use of a strong jet of forced air suction, the emery dust is aspirated up by the Mangiafuoco unit as soon as it is created: this device is located behind the grinding wheels. 

Through heat-resistant piping, monitored by sensors connected to a display, the air-dust mixture is conveyed inside the Narghy decanter. Here, the dust is captured inside a labyrinth filled with water, and sinks to the bottom. 

Clean air exits the decanter directly in the environment. 

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