Perini Constellation ™

Constellation™ is our leading technology and like all our configurable lines, the Constellation™ ones can be fully personalized based on the customer needs.

Significant savings

Perini Constellation™ Line help make intelligent use of raw materials by ensuring same finished product quality with higher bulk or lower quality papers thanks to the innovative winding system that allows a lower embossing pressure 

Maximum efficiency

Perini Constellation™ Lines are designed to run at high speed and minimize downtime while maintaining finished product quality unaltered even with varying external factors such as, for example, raw paper quality. Changing production mix is now faster than ever. 

Easy to use

With less parameters to set up and more intuitive procedures, our Perini Constellation™ Lines can be run smoothly also by less experienced operators to meet finished product quality targets based on pre-defined recipes.  

 The tissue converting machines Perini Constellation are the ideal choice for manufacturing innovative and extreme products with the highest quality and performance, which wouldn't be achievable with traditional technologies.  

Also, they help enhance production efficiency on a given product portfolio by enabling higher performance.