Customer case:

Fast moisture measurement at WestRock

Sep 26, 2016

WestRock Containerboard is a leading North American producer of containerboard. Their products include virgin and recycled linerboard, coated white top linerboard, corrugated medium, and white top linerboard. Raw material is provided by many different suppliers which created the need to measure moisture of wood chips in every truck.

I’m a formal believer on that unit”
George Currin, Fiber Optimization Manager


Location United States

Many different suppliers, which creates the need to measure every truck (15 wood suppliers).

Previous method can only measure 4-5 samples a day.

Long waiting time until the results are available.

Main species white oak and hickory.


Valmet MR Moisture Analyzer provides measurement of water content by measuring hydrogen atoms from free water molecules.

Easy calibration.

Calibration with regular tap water.

Fast measurement time (2 min).

Simple and fast to use.


No need to use oven method anymore.

Possibility to measure moisture level from each truck.

Keywords Biofuels and biomaterials, Automation, North America