Valmet delivered biomass boiler handed over to RWE Innogy in the UK

Valmet Corporation's trade press release on September 30, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. EET

Valmet handed over a new biomass boiler and flue gas treatment for RWE Innogy UK's Markinch combined heat and power plant (CHP) in July 2014 following a commissioning period and test-runs. The plant is located in Fife Scotland, and is the largest of its type in the UK. The new plant provides the Tullis Russell Papermakers with steam and electricity to run the facilities. In addition, excess electricity is exported to the grid.

The new plant helps Tullis Russell to reduce its fossil fuel emissions and significantly contributes to Scotland's ambitious renewable energy targets. Replacing the paper mill's 60-year-old coal-fired plant with this new biomass-fired plant reduces CO2 emissions by 250,000 tonnes per annum. Also the amount of waste wood currently ending up at the landfill and there, over time, emitting methane is reduced since the main fuel for Valmet's CYMIC boiler is recovered waste wood.

The new biomass boiler provides the Tullis Russell paper mill with a more sustainable, efficient and reliable supply of steam and electricity.

"RWE is delighted to take the CYMIC boiler into operation as part of the largest portfolio of renewable energy technologies in the UK.  The biomass boiler will help provide steam and electricity to the adjacent Tullis Russell paper mill and export electricity to the National Grid whilst significantly reducing CO2 emissions. The successful handover is the culmination of close cooperation and partnership between RWE and Valmet since 2010 and is testament to the dedication of the Valmet team," said RWE's project engineering manager Robert Dunk

RWE Innogy UK's new combined heat and power plant (CHP) is located within the Tullis Russell Papermakers' paper mill in Fife, Scotland. (Photo by RWE Innogy UK)

The CHP plant's installed capacity is 50MWe. It has the capability to supply up to 120 tonnes of industrial steam per hour for paper manufacturing.  Out of the produced electricity the paper mill will consume approximately 17MW and approximately 25MW will be delivered to the grid.

The plant has been in commercial operation since February 2014 with full handover of plant in late 2014.

"This project was pretty massive both from the size and timescales involved. To put it into perspective, the CHP plant fills an area equivalent to the size of four football pitches and more than 1 million man hours have been invested in its construction. At the height of the construction process, there were around 650 people employed at the whole site with around half of them working at our boiler site", describes Valmet's Project Manager Peter Anson.

Technical information about the delivery

Valmet's CYMIC boiler, supplied to the Markinch CHP plant, utilizes proven circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology. The boiler's capacity is 155 MWth and it is fuelled by approximately 90% recovered waste wood and approximately 10% virgin wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. The biomass requirement is around 400,000 tonnes per annum. The new technology novelty in this boiler makes it possible to reduce the required shutdown time.

Corporate Communications

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Information about RWE Innogy UK

RWE Innogy UK is the UK subsidiary of RWE Innogy and one of the UK's leading renewable energy developers and operators. We are committed to developing and operating renewable energy projects to produce sustainable electricity. We operate 22 hydroelectric power schemes, 30 onshore wind farms and two offshore wind farms, including the UK's first major offshore wind farm, North Hoyle.  Construction of RWE Innogy UK's Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in Fife, Scotland, is now complete and the plant has entered its operational testing phase, and construction of the 576 megawatt Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm, off the North Wales coast, is progressing well.

From development, to construction and operation, our staff in area offices across Wales, Scotland and England work in close partnership with local communities and companies. In 2013, renewable energy sites operated by RWE Innogy UK invested over £1 million into communities across the UK. The investments made by RWE in the UK are creating substantial new job opportunities, developing the supply chain and, very importantly, helping the UK Government achieve the EU target of supplying 30% of electricity from renewables, by 2020.

RWE Innogy pools the renewable energy expertise and generating plant of the RWE Group. RWE Innogy is fully committed to growth in renewable energy across Europe and the UK continues to play a significant role.

RWE Innogy UK is a sister company to RWE npower, a leading UK energy company with around 5.4 million customer accounts.

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