BFB boiler

BFB boiler operation based on understanding the function and processes of the boiler.

Training type: Online

Duration: 6 hrs

Location: Online

Description: This course presents information related to the Bubbling Fluidized Bed boiler (BFB), its design and function. It describes how the BFB boiler generates steam from the combustion of biofuels, waste-derived fuels, and industrial bi-products. You will learn how the boiler´s large heat capacity of the bed material sustains stable combustion, even with fuels of high moisture content and low heating value. The course will also give a closer look at equipment and pressure parts, show how to achieve an efficient combustion with a good emission performance and how steam is superheated, attemperated and generated.

Objective: To give knowledge in the BFB boiler design and function as well as better understanding of the processes that take place during combustion in a boiler with bubbling fluidized bed. After the course, the participant should know the design and function of the BFB boiler, the different media systems and the basics of the process and operation.

Audience: Boiler operators

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge in power plants and preferably a technical education is recommended.

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