What's new in the latest version of Stonel on/off valve controller?

Want to know the benefits of the latest version of Stonel™ Axiom on/off valve controller? Read the Q&A to find out more about the valve diagnostics and safety aspects.

What is a Stonel Axiom on/off valve controller?

The Stonel Axiom™ AN/ANX on/off valve controller is an electropneumatic device that is attached to the topside of a rotary 1/4 turn pneumatic actuator. It contains limit switches or sensors that detect the open and closed positions of the actuator shaft and communicates that position via wires to the DCS (Distributed Control System) or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). It also has an integral solenoid valve to switch the air to the actuator to open or close the valve. These are commonly used in process manufacturing facilities that have automated valves – in virtually all industries. 

Process manufacturers have used limit switches and solenoid valves for years to monitor and control automated valves. What are the benefits of using an integrated package like the Axiom?

In my opinion, the greatest benefit of the combined package is the powerful valve diagnostics data made possible by the combination of the feedback and control.

The Axiom package was developed to be very compact. It sits very low on top of the actuator, which makes it easier to fit in amongst complex piping arrays found in many modern facilities. The universal voltage capability means that one device is needed regardless of limit switch or solenoid voltage. In my opinion, the greatest benefit of the combined package is the powerful valve diagnostics data made possible by the combination of the feedback and control.

Valve diagnostics from an on / off valve assembly: what kind of valve diagnostics you get from the Axiom?

The Axiom platform offers a unique and powerful suite of on/off valve diagnostics made available to local users via wireless Bluetooth and a corresponding mobile device app. The Wireless Link app allows users to drill down into the valve controllers to view diagnostics data like electronics temperatures, valve cycle times and valve breakaway times, as well as current valve position in degrees. This data allows users to plan maintenance more effectively and avoid expensive unplanned downtime. All this great data is visible to users from a safe convenient location. 

Neles Axiom valve controller

The Axiom monitors and reports valve position with Visual indicator and signals to the controller. 

Safety is very important at our process plants. How can Axiom improve the safety of operators and technicians?

With the Axiom’s Wireless Link capability, plant operators and technicians can easily check the status and diagnostics data of valve assemblies and troubleshoot problems from a safe convenient location, like at ground level or a walkway. There is no need to climb ladders or pipes or use a manlift to connect diagnostics tools or adjust settings. The app makes it easy to retrieve relevant valve assembly part numbers and serial numbers without having to climb or try to read part numbers in low light areas.    

The renewed Axiom is much easier to configure and set-up than previous limit switches and on/off valve controllers. Can you explain that a bit more?

The Axiom features easy push button limit switch settings, so there is no need to use tools or adjust cams. The sensor module has clearly marked terminals for wire connections, and universal voltage capability ensures it will work with any common voltage 24 VDC – 250VAC. The Axiom has a complete web accessible database of pre-engineered mounting kits for 100+ valve actuator brands. 

How does the rebreather function work? How it can help extend the life of automated valve assemblies?

The rebreather function on all Axiom valve controllers can improve the performance of spring return actuators and extend their useful life. This is done by reusing the clean filtered air from the pressure side of the actuator to fill the spring side as the actuator closes. This prevents potentially dirty air from the local environment from being drawn into the spring side of the actuator, which can cause internal corrosion and damage.

Reliability of devices is of utmost importance. Can you tell how reliability is improved by use of the Axiom?

The Axiom features an industry leading 5-year comprehensive warranty.

The Axiom was built from the ground up using the latest and greatest solid-state sensing and solenoid technologies. We have spent years perfecting the solenoid valve design of the Axiom to ensure that it performs well in very difficult environments and to withstand millions of cycles in operation. The Axiom features an industry leading 5-year comprehensive warranty.

Are there any ways to further cut installation time and costs of on/off valve controllers?

A great way to significantly reduce installation time and costs on new installations is to use a network like AS-interface to communicate with the devices. With this powerful network, power and communication can be supplied to 62 valve assemblies with just a single pair of wires. This significantly reduces the wire and conduit needed, as well as the labor to install when compared to a conventionally wired system. We have a full array of network infrastructure accessories like gateways, power supplies repeaters and drop connectors and the technical knowledge and support to back you up.

Text: Bob Jonson. For further details please contact flowcontrol@valmet.com.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.