Valmet changes the game in tissue

Mar 5, 2024

Tissue Converting line

In November 2023, Valmet completed the acquisition of Körber Business Area Tissue, global supplier of Tissue converting and packaging lines, renowned for brands such as Perini, MTC and Casmatic. Former Fabio Perini and Körber Business Area Tissue have been in the converting industry for over 50 years becoming a market leader in providing complete solutions for roll, fold, converting and packaging lines. This makes Valmet the first company in the industry to deliver the market’s broadest range and unique customer value through comprehensive tissue-making technology, automation system and process optimization know-how via production equipment for the entire tissue mill from fiber to finished tissue products. 

Valmet: the widest cutting edge portfolio for Tissue Industry

Valmet now offers the market’s widest portfolio for the entire tissue value chain, combining cutting edge technologies, services and a dynamic, technology-driven approach to tissue converting, packaging and folding equipment. This means that Valmet’s technologies now cover the whole tissue making process from stock preparation to tissue machines, rewinders, converting and packaging lines, including services such as automation systems, digital solutions, remote assistance, training programs and various field services. Furthermore, Valmet with its Pivot Solutions, composed of state-of-the-art pilot lines, allows testing of product feature and performs smart analysis gathering real machine and process data.

Tissue Converting offering

As an all-in-one provider with its Converting Tissue Business line, Valmet offers solutions for:

  • Roll: The offering is a complete range of automatic lines aimed at satisfying different production volume demands both for new plants and retrofits of existing ones. Each of the lines refers to equipment used for handling and processing tissue paper from the big jumbo roll, coming from the paper machine, to the finished roll of different type: toilet roll, kitchen towel, industrial rolls (away from home rolls).

  • Fold: Valmet's fold solutions are engineered to address the several challenges faced by manufacturers, offering benefits that drive efficiency, enhance quality, and maximize uptime. The offering is a complete range of automatic interfolder and multifolder lines. Each line refers to equipment for handling and processing of tissue from jumbo rolls coming from the paper machine to finished product such as: hand towels, facial tissue product, folded toilet paper and napkins with variety of type of folds like V- Fold, W-Fold, Z-Fold, C-Fold, Quarter Fold.

  • Packaging: Valmet’s  complete range of primary and secondary packaging solutions are designed to meet customer's demands with requests that may vary from country to country concerning roll configuration, pack dimensions, polyethylene quality to be used, the handle position and so on. Valmet's solutions support the shift towards a more sustainable future, introducing new packaging solutions like paper and bio-degradable packaging.

  • Embossing: Valmet is the only manufacturer of paper processing machines able to offer all engraving technologies, promoting product differentiation and optimizing paper properties in terms of absorbency, strength, volume and even softness. In addition, Valmet offers a complete service extending from the study of embossing design, with a high degree of customization, the production of prototypes for evaluation and simulation purposes under real operating conditions. The extensive range of pilot lines has enabled Valmet to both produce and test prototypes at real operating conditions in terms of high speed with different winding technologies.

  • Customer Service & Digital Solutions: Pro-activity in training, technical support on-site or online with our experts and data analysis among others is added value that makes our equipment all the more efficient as well as maintenance & service contracts and line transfers. The main benefits of these services are better OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and reduction of time and costs.

With Valmet's solutions, the players of the Tissue market can unlock new opportunities, optimize their processes, and stay ahead of the competition in today's dynamic marketplace.

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